Sparkling Wine Bottle by Alessandro Fedalto

Alessandro Fedalto Shares The Charling by Bolllicine Sparkling Wine Bottle

Alessandro Fedalto, the lead designer of the displayed project Sparkling Wine Bottle :CHARLING by BOLLLICINE by Alessandro Fedalto illustrates, The BOLLLICINE bottle is the perfect environment for the Sparkling Wine becase the spheric body allowed to less product to be in contact with the glass surface, because the bottle is fully covered by a gummy black coating and because the short nech allowed to put less oxigen inside so the wine in the BOLLLICINE 0.75 liter bottle stay as in a Magnum (1,5) liter wher the proportion of wine comparing to the oxigen is more in advantage for the wine..

Sparkling Wine Bottle by Alessandro Fedalto Images:


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